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Content Related Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black Hat Seo

Lately, SEO services have been associated with negative connotations. There are a lot of white hat ethical ways to optimize websites, but because of a few unethical techniques that fact is often forgotten.

Below are two techniques that are responsible for the industry’s bad name:

Keyword Stuffing: When a piece of content is so full of content that it becomes unreadable it is considered keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is a technique that almost always results in a poor user experience and is a great way to get a site labeled as spam. Keywords are an important part of search engine optimization and they should be used in content, but when it is abused to the extent of keyword stuffing it no longer becomes useful. Search engines have gotten extremely good at detecting black hat techniques, and keyword stuffing is one of the easiest to detect. The only sites that could benefit from using SEO services like keyword stuffing are spam sites that are only concerned with the immediate short term.

Automatically Generated Content: Automatically generated content, like article spinning, is another way that black hat techniques try to substitute unique content. This is one of the worst spam SEO services as it rarely considers the human visitors of a site. Content that is created in this manner is written entirely by a computer program. After inputting a specific keyword, or a set of keywords, the program spits out content that includes (and is likely stuffed with) that keyword. This is not a substitute for content that is written by a human in any way. Sometimes the content that the program spits out isn’t even reviewed by a human before it is published on a website. This can result in completely nonsensical and unreadable content that adds absolutely no value to a website and that may even deter visitors from staying on the page or ever returning.

You can help stop the bad reputation that SEO services have come to be associated with by refusing these black hat services on your website.

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  1. If you're new to the world of search, you should know that search engines like Google are designed to deliver the best results once a user completes a search. They make sure the results they offer don't include spam since they want users to have a nice search experience. They accomplish this automatically by using algorithms or human procedures designed to identify and penalize SEO practitioners who use black hat techniques. Due to the increasingly complex nature of search engine algorithms, black hat SEO should be avoided at all costs. A far superior approach to search engine optimization is white hat SEO. It's a more moral strategy that adheres to the rules and regulations established by search engines.

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