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Backlinks are simply one of the most important factors of your site, if your site has all the SEO in the world but has no Backlinks then your site will have no Pagerank as Google takes into account how many Backlinks are pointing at your website, also you will receive less visitors because sites that give you Backlinks could refer more users to your website.

A way to build Backlinks to your website is submitting your site to directories, now this could be a long and tedious task as they often require you to fill in a lot of things and also put in a link that directs users to the directory, also they might require an email activation which could end up giving you a lot of emails and more work.

Secondly you could submit your site to a service site that says that they will automatically submit your site to other directories however this is not always guaranteed and most of the time don’t work, do not pay for these services as they might just take your money and not comply with what the service states, also its better to just do it manually and know that your site is now in that directory then take a chance.

Thirdly you could send emails to other sites in your Niche and ask for a link exchange, a link exchange is when Site A links to Site B and Site B links to Site A, it’s really simple and could help your site’s Pagerank however Google does not see link exchanges as good as single links. 

Single links are when a site just links to your website, Google sees this as more important since your site must be good for a website to link to it without a link exchange. This is where guest posting helps in a big time.

Lastly you could pay for a single link to your site from another site, this would be great if you have money to spend however you could end up having to pay a lot of money every month for a high Pagerank website.

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