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Escrow isn’t very well known or that’s just what I think, most people know PayPal more than they know Escrow however Escrow could be better than PayPal for some services. Today I’m going to be talking about how you can use Escrow to sell your website instead of using PayPal. Now using PayPal is great but it does not offer as great protection as well as Escrow does, If you use PayPal then the buyer could easily pay using a fraudulent credit card and the money will be taken from you while they make off with your site also if they do not use a fraudulent credit card then they could easily just call their bank account and have the money retrieved, so using Escrow really could help you.

Step One: Obviously step one would be to sign up, you can go ahead and sign up here and as always remember to fill in all the information correctly and double check because Escrow only pay with Wire Transfer or cheque so you need to double check the info because if there is something wrong then you will not be able to take the money.

Step Two: After signing up the Buyer and the Seller both need to agree on the transaction created by the seller. You can create a transaction by clicking the yellow button that should be on the left sidebar when you log on it should say “Start A New Transaction” then you can sell the domain name and the content separately, please remember that there are fees for using Escrow however if you calculate into the price of the website then there will be no problems (the fees are not that high I should think).

Step Three: After agreeing, the buyer then pays Escrow and Escrow will verify the payment, therefore Escrow now have control of the money. After that the seller sends the product etc. and the buyer says that they have received it and Escrow will send the seller the money, so all’s well ends well.

What If The Seller Says That They Have Not Received The Website?

If you are able to prove that they have received the files then you will still be able to get the money which we cannot say for a certain service *Cough, Cough*Paypal*Cough Cough*so hopefully you are now able to be safe while selling a website.

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