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How to Use Email Marketing to Get Visitors Back

Published on: Friday, 8 July 2016

Email marketing is a great way to get people back to your site and also make money, there are a few things to set up before you start sending out newsletters however.

Firstly you will need to make a newsletter subscription bar; you can put this bar at the side of your site so that visitors can subscribe to your website newsletter. To make one I would recommend using Awber, you could use Aweber for WordPress but there are other options if you use the WordPress Blogging Platform. For WordPress you could use a plug-in called Newsletter, that is the one I use because I just wanted to use a simple newsletter creator however if you were to look through the plug-in list on wordpress for the term “Newsletters” then you would find other plug-in for newsletters such as ALO Easy Mail Newsletter, Newsletter Meenews or WP Autoresponder and Newsletter Plugin.

Ok now that we know how to make a newsletter subscription bar we probably want to know why would you want a newsletter? Well if people were to subscribe to your newsletter then it would be a way to pull people back to your site by giving them the latest updates. Now don’t spam them but send them a newsletter every week, every month or when there is a big update on your site, the subscribers to the newsletter could see this and comeback to your site over and over again therefore you get recurring traffic.

Lastly it is possible to make money by sending out newsletter if you have a big subscriber base, you would sell links in the sidebar or even full advertisement in the newsletter, and if you plan on selling links in your newsletter then I would recommend visiting Digitalpoint Forums as they have a great section to sell links on. So Creating a Newsletter really could benefit you as you would be able to pull users back to your website.


  1. Email Marketing is simple and effective method to get visitors for a website but it should always be spam free to keep running longer. Otherwise email spamming can be worst in many cases.

  2. This is awesome Angel! I'm definitely going to try Email marketing to get my visitors back. Thanks!
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  4. Email marketing is one of the most popular and easiest ways to sell any type of products and services online. However, just like any other marketing tool, this also have its own advantage and disadvantages. Weigh these first before you include this technique on your marketing campaign... Read More

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