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What is Click Bombing?

Suppose you had a blog/website running Google Ad sense.

You always want that your earnings go in smooth way, but there are some terms like Click Bombing which won't allow you to do so. Now, basically you must know what Click Bombing is; it is a process by which a hacker person installs software in his computer and sets your website's particular ad or position as a click target. With high-speed internet, the software is able to perform around 1k clicks per minute which is simply impossible for a human hand. I hope now you are familiar with click bombing.

You can think of it as a great enemy of your Blog.

Why Click Bombing is Harmful?

According to Google Adsense policies, you must receive high quality and legal clicks on your Adsense ads. Google does not scan the DNA of the person clicking the ad so most probably, the Adsense team will consider them as fraud clicks by YOU and finally, your account will be BANNED.

Google Adsense Team always tracks your website/blog upon the quality of clicks, so this invalid click will definitely prove costly to you.

-> Remedies to prevent Click Bombing:

#1: Finding Suspects: First of all, you have to find who are doing click bombing on your site. Sometimes, the software only uses a particular IP address to access website. In that way, you can simply go to Google Analytics and know the activity of each and every user on your site. Check the IP address which receives most hit on your site and leave fastest. Simply use any ban plug-in for WordPress or any site for blogger to ban that IP.

#2: Banning IP: You can easily ban their IP from any site or software or plug-in in WordPress.

How to tell Google Adsense Team about Click Bombing?

Google is never against innocents lambs. If you are a victim of click bombing, then inform Google Adsense special team immediately about this! To do that, follow the steps below:

Go to Google Adsense Invalid Click Page

Carefully fill each and every detail about click bombing on your Adsense account. If possible, mention IP or IP's from where you receive invalid clicks.

That's it! Leave the rest on Smart Team (Team Adsense).


  1. Adsense rightly ban those users who knowingly click on their own links to increase the number of clicks on their ad links. But someone else can misuse this rule against anyone and that's why Google reconsideration services comes handy.

  2. Its just business, illegal business


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