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Niches are the category of your site, your site can have many Niches but in my opinion I think that one niche is great.

When you have one niche you can focus all your energy and resources on it, such as if you are going to be making a site on Search Engine Optimization (I do not need more competition) then you would obviously focus all your time on looking at your competition and finding out how your site could be better than theirs, also you could find keywords that would help your Search Engine Optimization website reach the first page of Google.

Secondly another reason to have a niche is so that you can submit your website to directories, most directories do not allow you to choose multiple Niches and if you choose once niche that does not fully represent your site then it might not help with your site at all.

Lastly one major reason to choose one niche is money. If you decide to join an advertising network such as Google Adsense then the network will try and give you the best related advertisements however if you have multiple Niches then the advertisement might not relate to your site as much as you could have and you could receive less clicks.

So in conclusion I’m just saying that you’re better off having a single niche as it really could benefit you.

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